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We can work together at three different distances...

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Getting a little closer....

If you enjoy my newsletter and posts and want to go deeper, but one-on-one coaching feels intimidating, my online course is a great option. 


Over the course of six self-paced sessions, you'll get the tools to go from stressed, frustrated, and exhausted, to confident, secure, and able to get what you want from life.

You'll learn the brain science behind the areas my 1-on-1 clients struggle with most often, and then you'll get strategies and action steps to help you grow beyond your current limitations.

The six skills you'll learn are: overcoming negative self-talk, empowered communication, connecting with your intuition, the power of gratitude and positive thinking, healthy boundaries, and prioritizing your needs. 

NOTHING can brighten your appearance like finally feeling connected to your true self!

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Up close and personal!

If you're ready to commit to growth, one-on-one coaching is the best way to make it happen.

Email me to set up a consultation where we'll craft the blueprint for your individualized journey

I'll introduce you to a more powerful version of yourself than you remembered you were capable of being. At the end of our session there's no obligation to go any further. Your insight and inspiration are yours to keep.

But if you feel that working together will get you where you want to go, we'll create the program that makes sense for you.

Questions? Email me at