My Story

Before I started my life and health coaching practice, I secretly knew I wasn't living in the fullest version of myself...

I was a full-time stay at home mom who had been out of the workforce for 10 years. I loved supporting my family, but I had an Ivy League degree in neuroscience and two Master's degrees in psychology and I missed using the skills and education I was passionate about.

You wouldn’t have been able to tell from the outside looking in - I was in good shape and happily contributed support wherever it was needed - but I had a nagging, hollow space inside, and I had lost my confidence that I would be valued in the workforce.

After a difficult season in my life, I finally look a long hard look at my situation and whether I was truly happy with it. It was difficult to be honest with myself. Once I faced my hard truths though, I was able to begin creating something new.

Linda with laptop
Me skydiving

What Led Me To Coaching

Fast-forward five years and I'm now living a life full of passion and joy. I figured out where I belonged, faced my fears, and did the hard work.

I learned that when you step back and learn where you hold YOURSELF back, you can free yourself to create the life you want.

I'm living a full life because I'm honoring and sharing who I am. I did it for myself, and as a coach I guide others through the same process.

ANYONE can access their best self. ANYONE can create big changes in their life. My genius zone is helping other people access THEIR genius zones.

Contact me if you want to explore what this might look like for YOU.